Weekend to End Women's Cancers - Toronto Cheering Stations 2014

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The cheering stations have been announced for the Weekend to End Women's Cancers walk this weekend. That should probably be on a map somewhere, right? Right.

I've been training for this walk for several months and I have treasured all of the support from my family, friends, colleagues, contacts, teammates, vendors, and clients. Your support has been part of what has kept me motivated through:

  • 57 training walks,
  • covering 464 kilometers
  • over about 77 hours
  • while abusing two pairs of shoes

Not every training walk was a walk in the park. Some were walks along urban sidewalks. Some started well before dawn. And one, famously included the heaviest cloudburst of the summer. There were a few times when it would have been very tempting to just say, You know, maybe I'll just stay in bed for this one.

But I didn't just stay in bed. Or reorganize the kitchen. Your encouragement has kept me on task. Your encouragement and two other tiny little things.


I've been inspired to keep on schedule with the training because of the determination of my Sweetie. She has been an absolute rock during the training cycle, and I was not going to let her down while letting myself down by missing a training walk.

It's a really good cause

The funds raised by the thousands of walkers, including the aforementioned Sweetie and me, go to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, and fund cancer research, treatment and services. And that's just great. We all know somebody who has been touched by cancer, and we all wish that we could have done more for them at the time. Funding research is a way to do more for the cancer patients of the future.

Cheer on the participants

Come on out and cheer for the walkers. Their are cheering stations in several Toronto neighbourhoods for each of Saturday and Sunday. Check the times and locations on the map and come out and support the walkers.

Last minute financial contributions are also welcome! Donate to the 2014 Weekend to End Women's Cancers and help me to exceed my personal fund-raising goal.