The OpenStreetMap Foundation Board

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We just had the Thanksgiving Day weekend here in Canada. This seems an ideal time for me to thank some people in the OpenStreetMap community. Today, I offer my thanks to the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board of Directors. You'll find the list of seven board memebrs and their biographies on the Foundation web site. If you are interested in OpenStreetMap and you aren't familiar with the folks on the board, take a few minutes to learn more about them.

I've unintentionally singled out two board members here, because I was only able to find bottles with their names on them. I intend no slight to the other board members. I blame my local grocery store and their limited selection of names. So cheers, Board members, I'd like to offer you all a beverage. :-)

I've always seen the OpenStreetMap Foundation as the body we mappers use to execute the things that we can't do ourselves as individual and small groups of mappers. I appreciate them in that role. I appreciate that these board members take time from their lives, time that could be used for mapping, to do things that aren't mapping. Things that are to my mind substantially less fun.

The annual board elections are coming up soon. If you've got time and energy and enthusiasm to serve the broader community of OpenStreetMap contributors, if you can set aside your personal interests to act on behalf of contributors around the world, you should consider running for the open seats.

If you just want to serve the wider OpenStreetMap community without having to sit through nerve wracking election returns, you can contact the various Foundation Working Groups, and volunteer to join them. The Working Groups have narrower mandates than the board, so find one that suits your interests and personality and help make OpenStreetMap even better than it already is.

And again, to all of the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board, to the Working Group volunteers, thank you!

Happy Mapping.