board election results 2015

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The OpenStreetMap Foundation Annual General Meeting was held recently and it included a customary election to the board. The OSMF Board has asked me to verify the election results by processing the anonymous vote summary files that were provided by the online voting system with a local copy of open source STV software. I ran a similar comparison for the 2014 OpenStreetMap Foundation election as well.

OpenStreetMap Foundation Commitments

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You want to contribute to OpenStreetMap even more than you do now. What can you do to help? You are considering running for a seat on the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board of Directors. Or perhaps you are considering volunteering on one of the OpenStreetMap Foundation Working Groups.

But you're concerned that you might be signing up for more than you realize. What's really involved? How large is the commitment? What are the commitments?

Trade mark 2

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header from the cipo web site

Based on the draft board minutes OSMF has received a C&D based on a registered trade mark[0]. It seems to be a valid registration, whether I think it is a stupid registration or not. This is some background on trade marks as they relate to C&Ds. You'd be stupid to take this as legal advice. It's only food for thought[1].

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