Trade mark 2

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header from the cipo web site

Based on the draft board minutes OSMF has received a C&D based on a registered trade mark[0]. It seems to be a valid registration, whether I think it is a stupid registration or not. This is some background on trade marks as they relate to C&Ds. You'd be stupid to take this as legal advice. It's only food for thought[1].

Trade mark

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search page returned by US Patent and Trademark Office for a specific word

You might think that common words and generic terms can't be used as trade marks. That's true, in theory, in some cases, in some jurisdictions. The image shown, from the US Patent and Trademark Office TESS search system shows that words do get issued as trade marks. Some of these words might seem more or less common, others seem more or less generic, others seem more or less descriptive.

You might argue about whether this is right, or just.

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