Walking desk conversion

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I built a project from wood today. Shown in the image are the drops from the little bit of cutting I had to do. Yes, the facets are supposed to be asymetrical; only the uncut sides are intended to be parallel. No, the faces are not supposed to be that wobbly. Oddly, the one in the foreground was cut second and should have had the benefit of improving with practice. It did not improve. I'll say that I had the first piece positioned better in the vise. I'll have to remember that.

What did I make?

Secret Server Space

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Just some normal book shelves. Nothing to see here.
It was time to make a change. The living room was becoming a shrine to technology. It was more a place for computing and less a place for living and that was a problem. So how do you make better use of available space, make your technology serve you better, and keep it from overwhelming your human plans for your space?

The challenge was to get the computers out of the living spaces. An additional challenge was to reduce the visual impact of the audio equipment. Space was limited. And the plan was to implement these changes without breaking the bank. The Secret Server Space was the solution. Here's what happened.

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