OpenStreetMap Foundation Membership Data

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The OpenStreetMap Foundation publishes statistics about membership on the Foundation web site. The format didn't appeal to me so I've transcribed the data into a spreadsheet and I publish it here as OpenData. Let's take a look shall we?

I've attempted to make the data more accessible in a spreadsheet format. The date field is sortable now, so that's nice. I've renamed the columns for clarity. Prior to the institution of Associate, and Corporate memberships, memberships were undistinguished. I've shown them as equivalent to normal memberships for my own convenience. Please note that the OpenStreetMap Foundation Articles of Association refer to Members, Associate Members, and Corporate Members. The AoA do not, as far as I can see refer to Normal, or Regular Members. I take both of those terms to mean Members who are neither Corporate, nor Associate Members.

I'm not clear on what the membership secretary intends with each of the columns. For instance, are overdue members still counted as members before they renew? Are multi-year membership renewals available? I'd like to have this data from further back as well. Does anybody have this or care to dig it out of the mail archives?

Anyway, have fun with the numbers.

Let's see the growth in Corporate Membership since the introduction of the Corporate membership type.

OpenStreetMap Foundataion corporate member count as of 2014-10

Nice to see a few of the companies interseted in OpenStreetMap providing a small financial donation, in the form of the annual foundation membership fee. It would be wonderful to see a larger proportion of those companies participating in this way.

Hey. Let's try spreading the word.

Does your company rely upon OpenStreetMap data in some way? Do you publish maps from OpenStreetMap data? Did you know that you can become a corporate member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, to show your support and provide for the ongoing funding of OpenStreetMap resources? Is your company a Corporate Member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation yet? I bet they aren't. If you are one of the technically-oriented staff, please approach your bosses and ask them to join today.

And join yourself too, so that you can vote in the election to the Board in a few weeks.


The OpenStreetMap Foundation membership data in spreadsheet form. Libre Office .ods format. is published under the Open Database License v1.0.


OpenStreetMap Foundation web site is published as CC-By-SA.