Happy ninth birthday, OpenStreetMap

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fondant map, map cupcakes by Betsy

Another OpenStreetMap birthday celebration has come and gone. Another tableful of map-themed confections has been consumed, or spirited-off in doggy bags. More happy mappers have found their way home after another day of mapping and chatting. And all is right with the world.

Betsy raised the confection bar this year by rendering a Toronto neighbourhood in fondant and using that for toppers on mini-cupcakes. They were awesome. Thanks so much!

maple leaf, fleur de lis and OpenStreetMap logos in fondant

"What would an OpenStreetMap logo look like in fondant?", I hear you ask. Here are two different approaches to answering that question. I think I prefer the solid color magnifying glass but perhaps I should taste them again.

Interstate cupcakes autoroute cupcakes

How do you honour the mappers who travelled furthest to attend an OpenStreetMapbirthday party? With appropriate highway shield cupcakes, of course. Here you see Autoroute cupcakes for the guest from Qu├ębec and Interstate shields for the American visitors. Thank you all for coming so far to join our celebration.

As with typical OpenStreetMap events the conversations were wide ranging and interesting. The group was varied and so were their interests. Some mappers made their first edits on the day of the party, others were some of the most experienced mappers in North America. We had mappers in their twenties, their sixties, and everywhere in between.

It was a rollicking good time. Let's start planning for the big 10th birthday event soon, shall we?