On-ramp to successful communities

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OpenStreetMap is a community of many successful communities. The community and communities are a core strength of OpenStreetMap and so building a successful community is never complete. Jono Bacon breaks refines a method of community improvement to four simple steps in one elegant image.Jono's tweet Jono's on-ramp image makes for delightful application to the OpenStreetMap context.

As an OpenData project, OpenStreetMap is an OpenData database and an OpenData community. Many of the software tools that are commonly used with OpenStreetMap data, are self-built, Free / Libre or Open Source Software tools with their own communities. OpenStreetMap contributors might be members of several related, adjacent and overlapping communities.

Each of our communities are better by having increased clarity in the four steps Jono lists; Roles, Skills, Tasks, and Success.

Define Roles

Our many communites have varied important roles. Software communities have developers, documentors, and testers. Mapping communities have suveyors, taggers, and documentors. In the OpenStreetMap Foundation context we have Members, Working Groups, and a Board. Each of the Working Groups have common roles to fill as well as roles unique to the Working Group.

Some desired Working Group skills are listed in a previous article. Let's improve and refine those lists. This is a role to which you can contribute, right now, via the comments below.

Develop Skills

OpenStreetMap contributors learn to map one contribution at a time. We have resources for mappers from mailing lists and IRC, to fora and blogs, to videos and software tutorials. Creating and assembling resources for new contributors to the Foundation Working Groups is an idea that has been gaining traction.

OpenStreetMap is all about making better on-ramps via successive improvement.

Which of your skills do you seek to develop so that you may better serve the broader OpenStreetMap community. As a former or current Working Group volunteer, which of your skills are most helpful, most improved or most overworked?

Available Tasks

Each of the Working Groups will have their own tasks, and your participation there is welcome. On a broader scale, can we:

Celebrate Success

To celebrate success we'll need to decide what would be a success. Why not reach for some lofty and worthwhile goals? I would like to see, by 01 January 2016:

  • OpenStreetMap Foundation membership triple.
  • OpenStreetMap Foundation corporate membership quadruple.
  • Number of Working Group volunteers triple.
  • You, participating. :-)