OSM Birthday Party 2013

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OpenStreetMap themed cupcake toppers in fondant.

Mappers love treats. It is known.

The OpenStreetMap Ninth Birthday celebration is being held today at various locations around the globe. These are just a few of the treats waiting for the Toronto mappers.

Yes. This is a highway interchange diorama, in fondant. Yes, an OpenStreetMap logo. Yes. A highway shield for Autoroute 10 in Québec. Naturally. :-)

Mapper snacks

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delicious snacks from Japan

OpenStreetMap contributor ikiya sent some delicious Japanese snacks for Toronto mappers to enjoy at a recent Mappy Hour. He also sent State of the Map sticker from SotM - Tokyo.

Thank you, ikiya!

Ikiya is a driving force in the Japanese OpenStreetMap community and has often posted photos of delicous Map Cakes at OpenStreetMap Birthday party celebrations. I've admired the artistry and cullinary skills he displays.

Putting Woods restaurant on the Map

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Woods restaurant on on OpenStreetMap

Toronto restaurant-goers have a new reason to go out in the rain. Woods is open.

It isn't really, officially, open. They haven't had their Grand Opening yet. But Woods is soft open. The doors are open, the staff are welcoming and you can order a fine plate of food. I ordered a plate of food that turned out to be fine, indeed. I like a nice plate of food.

Toronto OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend

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happy hackers at 2013 Toronto OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend

The Toronto OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend or, more formally, The Second Annual Canadian OpenStreetMap Developer Weekend, was held from Friday, 08 March to Sunday, 10 March 2013 at various venues. And it was wonderful.

The Toronto OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend is winding down. It has been three days of coding, outreach and socializing.

OpenStreetMap local outreach for new communities

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welcoming sign at the entrance to the subdivision

Telling people about OpenStreetMap is fun. Seeing the lights come on when somebody gets it is gratifying. And that sort of face-to-face advocacy has been the most effective way to add new mappers to the community. That has been the case since the early days in English pubs and it is still the case now.

Secret Server Space

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Just some normal book shelves. Nothing to see here.
It was time to make a change. The living room was becoming a shrine to technology. It was more a place for computing and less a place for living and that was a problem. So how do you make better use of available space, make your technology serve you better, and keep it from overwhelming your human plans for your space?

The challenge was to get the computers out of the living spaces. An additional challenge was to reduce the visual impact of the audio equipment. Space was limited. And the plan was to implement these changes without breaking the bank. The Secret Server Space was the solution. Here's what happened.

Advanced GPS voodoo with Ubuntu

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Several Garmin GPSes work well with Ubuntu as a mass USB storage device. Navigating the menu to enable the mass USB device can be a bit of a headache. Here is an alternative that takes less fumbling with the joyclick on the Garmin and that does a better job of grabbing the data.

Better maps for your GPS

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Do you want a better map for your GPS? You can use a map from OpenStreetMap on your Garmin GPS depending on the model of your device. You'll find several devices listed on the OpenStreetMap wiki. I'll demonstrate with a Garmin etrex Vista HCx, other models may vary.

Garmin made the unfortunate choice of using a proprietary data format for their maps. There are several ways to convert map data to Garmin format.


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