Fertility boom

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There has been a local fertility boom. Perhaps there is "something in the water," but a cluster of our friends are expecting children. It's a wonderful and exciting time for them. For me, it's an excuse to try something in weaving that I haven't done before. Baby blankets.

Most of my weaving to date has featured high contrast, and bold colours. Many projects have been functional pieces or featured complex structure. And sometimes rough and rugged textures in the form of some pretty raw wool. This was going to be different.


For the tender offspring of our friends, only the best will do. I'm aiming for safe, soft, and sane baby blankets. These should be easy to care for, should be functional, and will hopefully last through a sibling or two as well.

I had no pattern for a baby blanket, so I made one.

Weaving Draft

This draft is for "stroller" or "car seat" blankets. I warped up three with about 2000 yards of cotton. I used 10/2 cotton for the hems. The threading is 30" wide on the reed. Weave a two-inch hem at each end, and weave in a contrasting thread as a cutting line between blankets.

Weave each colour block 7 times, as tabby, for a blanket that is about 38" long.

pyweaving worked great for generating the weaving draft image. Using vim to generate the wif file was good for brushing up on some new vim skills. Yes, you can download the .wif. for the baby blanket project.


The finished blankets drew in to 27" wide off the loom. Fold and sew the hems. The blankets shrank to about 25" wide and 34" long, after machine washing and drying. They are super soft and seem to be absorbent.

There was this thing on the selvedge.

After washing and drying the selvedges drew in a little more where I did my thread changes. Weird.


Pattern and draft © R.Weait
Photos © R.Weait