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golf course rendering on Open.MapQuest.com

I like the cartography on http://open.MapQuest.com . The style differs from our mapnik and osmarender styles by rendering fewer types of objects and by using subtler colors. It's different. Their selectable thematic layers are great and let you add objects to the map that interest you at the moment. That's all pretty cool and that's not what I started this article to talk about.

I want to talk about golf.

I noticed the new, new to me at least, golf course rendering at open.MapQuest.com the other day. They've added a little golf flag to rendered golf course areas. Very nice! They also provide their mapnik style for your enjoyment under the MIT license. Awesome.

Perhaps it's the snow. I'm thinking about golf again and I was working on my swing the other day. That, and Gregory's tweet the other day, got me thinking about doing more with the golf style I started a while back.

Note to self: Would be fun to map & render some golf courses. Using Bing & @rweait 's http://www.opengolfmap.org style.
-- Gregory Marler on twitter

So Gregory is right. It would be fun to do some golf course mapping. I did a little mapping and I did a little cartography. So far this style supports the following tags.

k:golf v:tee
k:golf v:fairway
k:golf v:green
k:golf v:bunker

I've added the stripe effect left by lawn mowers to the fairway and cross-hatching to the greens and tee boxes. Still a lot more to do and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

So far this style is rendered as a simple overlay and I switch backgrounds between MapQuest, mapnik and the simple style from the RTC OpenStreetMap book.

Here's a little look at it. This shows your approach shot on a saucy little par five, number two hole at Savannah Golf Links in Cambridge Ontario. Keep straight and conservative on the fairway for your first two shots and you'll take the marsh on the left out of play. A nice, short iron to the kidney-shaped green should be played to one side or the other to avoid the guardian bunkers.

golf course detail rendering on OpenGolfMap

I hope that you'll enjoy mapping your favorite golf courses. This golf layer will update from the OpenStreetMap so you'll be able to see your mapping rendered. [Note: the golf overlay rendering server is currently off-line]

If you start mapping a golf course, send us a link in the comments below!

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