Look at Frank's Log Book

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This is Frank's Log Book.
Look at your log book; now back to Frank's.
Now back at your log book; Now back to Frank's!
Your loose sheets of graph paper are not Frank's log book.
But they could be if they were bound and organized like Frank's log book...

OSM contributor Frank Steggink keeps great notes when he surveys. He includes a sketched map and a numbered index for details. When combined with the technical information saved on a GPS receiver Frank makes it easy to edit and upload great data after a long survey.

Frank kindly sent a link to the area that he surveyed on this page.

Share your OSM log book secrets in the comments section.

... Now Frank's Log Book has turned in to two tickets to that thing you love.
I'm on a horse.

-- Old Spice Ad


This tutorial is one of a series of tutorials for OpenStreetMap beginners.


This article was originally published on Wed, 07/28/2010 - 20:22.

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