New Features for Potlatch2

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One long-time favourite program for editing OpenStreetMap is Potlatch2. Lead developer and maintainer, Richard Fairhurst has announced two new features for Potlatch2 recently. Have a look.

Potlatch tutorials
If you haven't used Potlatch2 before you should give it a go. There are tutorials for the original Potlatch and a tutorial with a video for Potlatch2.

Perhaps it is time to start posting more tutorials for Potlatch2?

Code sprints and hack weekends
Richard says that he coded much of this at a London OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend last year. That's just one more example of the benefit of periodic OpenStreetMap developer events. London still appears to be the global leader with hack weekends about twice a year.

Many thanks to Richard Fairhurst for his many contributions to OpenStreetMap since near the beginning of (OSM) time.
Screenshot image of Potlatch2 is licensed CC-By-SA v2, by Richard Fairhurst.