Prepare: Members vs. Associate members

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What are Normal members, Ordinary members, Associate members and Members? And what can you do to prepare for the vote?

Helping yourself

Check your membership status. In your email archive you should have email from the membership secretary, detailing your renewal date and your status as member or associate member.

Check if you are paid up to date! If your confirmation email indicates that your membership term has lapsed, get that update to the membership secretary as soon as you can. With the move to STV, last minute updates at the AGM may be problematic.

Check your status. Are you the member or associate member that you expect to be? If you are an associate member and wish to modify to member before this election, again, please contact the membership secretary as soon as possible.


Associate members can vote for the board of directors and on other membership voting matters that are not special resolutions. Members, sometimes called Ordinary members, or Normal members can vote on the above and on special resolutions as well.

There are three special resolutions on the 2014 ballot. Each special resolution is an edit that updates the Articles of Association.

There is one additional voting matter, whether to allow the board to waive membership fees for an individual under some circumstances. This vote is neither a special resolution, nor a resolution, and so the vote is open to both associate members and members.

But? But? Normal?

My reading of the AoA finds no occurances of "Normal member" or "Ordinary member". I believe that that both of those terms have simply snuck into various documents as synonyms for "Member". The intention is likely to distinguish Member from Associate member and from Corporate member.

So, in my judgement*, "Member" = "Ordinary member" = "Regular member". But there are probably documents that use members to refer to both Members and Associate members. Is seems a bit sloppy.

Candidate biographies and statements

And, of course, read the candidate biographies, their statements and their responses to the questions from the community.

Biography and Satement links

Questions and answers:

*Hey, I'm just guessing out loud for you to follow along. Updates welcome. :-)