LocationTech resources

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Resources for the 05 February 2013, Introduction to OpenStreetMap talk for LocationTech are found here. These resources are either, materials that were unsuited to the videoconference format, or are related to questions raised during the question and answer session.

City animation - OpenStreetMap data, over time, in Toronto.
animation of OSM data added in Toronto over time.

More OpenStreetMap history animations are available from Geofabrik.

The archived video should be here.

The presentation slides on Office Libre (odp) format.

Questions from viewers, during the broadcast

  • What if I want only a portion of the full planet? - Use extracts. An extract is a geographic portion of the entire global data set. There are extracts for countries, for regions and for cities. Find an exisiting extraact of interest or create an extract yourself.
  • What are the obligations of the OpenStreetMap license? - 1) attribution, and 2) share alike. The OpenStreetMap license is the Open Database License. Guidance is available.

Additional questions are welcome in the comments.