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I've made a spreadsheet that implements the special resolutions as I understand them. Have a look if you would like to play with the term limits and the history of the board*. Set a "date of interest" in cell B2. Or fill that cell with =NOW() to have it up to date each day. :-) The final column should tell you if a particular board member is term limited as of the date of interest. The spreadsheet is in Open Document Format


* the spreadsheet does not address edge cases, such as the "Richard Fairhurst Issue". It does not consider the first of Richard's two terms served on the board. :-)



Why do you think Steve serves since 2007? My research revelaed that the first Board was assembled on July 2006, with Steve Coast, Immanuel Scholz and Etienne Cherdlu as chairman, secratary and treasurer respectively. Imi stood down on August 2006 (could have done it earlier because of Steve, but was persuaded to stay), and Etienne — on August 2009.

Richard Fairhurst Issue

What is this Richard Fairhurst Issue you refer to? I think I've missed that in the mailing list chatter.

Richard F has served on the

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Richard F has served on the board twice. The gap between his terms would be "reset" by the second proposed Special Resolution. My primitive spreadsheet ignores that. Nobody else has mentioned it either, so it probably isn't much of an "issue". :-)

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