Wireless Router Teardown - ASUS WL-500G Premium

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How do you open the case on this ASUS wireless router?

    Tools required
  • Phillips screwdriver, #1
  • Knife
  1. Remove antenna by hand
  2. Remove rubber feet by hand
  3. Remove warranty screw with screwdriver, to void warranty
  4. Remove three more fixing screws with screwdriver
  5. Lift top gently from back, until front releases

The interior of the WL-500g Premium.

Do you want to replace the miniPCI radio?

  1. Disconnect main radio antenna lead by prying up gently with a fingernail.
  2. Tip up the front of the circuit board and pull gently to the front to remove the board form the enclosure
  3. Adhesive foam connects the mini-PCI radio to the main board. Cut through this foam with a knife blade
  4. Retract the miniPCI retaining clips and tip up the miniPCI radio to remove