Add a Bridge to OpenStreetMap (archive)

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This archived article was originally published Wed, 02/23/2011 - 22:12

millau viaduct photo by PhillipC on flickr is licensed ccby

The OpenStreetMap Project of the Month for March 2011 is Bridges and Tunnels. Here is a bridge tutorial in images and video.

A bridge tutorial video is also available at vimeo.

screen capture of tools used while adding a bridge

    The process for adding either a bridge or tunnel is the same as both bridge and tunnel are tags added to an existing way.
  1. Select the portion of the way that includes the bridge
    Split the way first, if required
  • a) Add a node with [SHIFT]-[click]
  • b) Split the way with the scissor tool
  • add the bridge=yes tag on the Physical tab
  • add layer=1 tag to show relative position above the ground
  • Save your changes with a changeset comment
  • Credits

    Photo of Millau viaduct by Philiip Capper is
    licensed CC-By.

    Map images and data © 2011 CCBYSA OpenStreetMap and contributors.