Mapper snacks

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delicious snacks from Japan

OpenStreetMap contributor ikiya sent some delicious Japanese snacks for Toronto mappers to enjoy at a recent Mappy Hour. He also sent State of the Map sticker from SotM - Tokyo.

Thank you, ikiya!

Ikiya is a driving force in the Japanese OpenStreetMap community and has often posted photos of delicous Map Cakes at OpenStreetMap Birthday party celebrations. I've admired the artistry and cullinary skills he displays.

The Ninth Birthday of OpenStreetMap is today, and it is being celebrated at various locations around the world, today and at other times this month. Join other mappers at local events and participate in OpenStreetMap.

Here in Toronto, we are having another wonderful, international, turn-out. Some mappers are out mapping before attending the party, others are busy preparing for the party. Still others, have traveled from other cities and countries and will sight-see before joining in our birthday celebrations later today. If you are a local Toronto mapper, it is not too late to RSVP and join us. And meet with other mappers from near and far.

But do be sure to RSVP. :-)