Global Medic Bike Ride

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GlobalMedic - The David McAntony Gibson Foundation - provide aid in emerging nations. When my good friend Andre asked if I knew how they could get a map for their fund raising bike ride, I was pretty sure I had an answer for him.

They'll be riding west and north of the Toronto area on Sunday, 11 July 2010. Keep your eyes peeled and be a safe driver. Share the road with the bikes. Get involved by joining the ride, or sponsoring a rider. They'll be showing off some of the relief gear that they deploy including water filtration systems and a mobile field hospital.

Find out more about the GlobalMedic bike ride.

How to make a Rally Map

I'm sure this method can be refined. This took advantage of the tools at hand.

  1. Starting with the client's written turn list, load that data into josm from OpenStreetMap
  2. Select the ways that make up the turn list. Copy them to a new layer in josm.
  3. Trim off the portions of the ways that are not part of the desired track
  4. Convert the path into a GPX file with the EditGPX plugin.
  5. Display the GPX track on an OpenStreetMap background with one of the web mapping libraries.
  6. Pan and Zoom the GPX track file with the OSM basemap.
  7. Snap screen shots for each turn on the turn list.
  8. Edit screen shots in The GIMP.
  9. Layout the pages in

I hope that the riders find the maps helpful and find the ride fun.


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