2015 Hardware Funding Drive

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I get asked for directions all the time. And it's been cold recently. Too cold to dig out a paper map, or to fiddle with a handheld device. My solution? A map scarf. Let's use this scarf to raise money for the OpenStreetMap Foundation 2015 Hardware Funding Drive.

2015 Hardware Funding Drive poster

This scarf is a fundraiser for the OpenStreetMap Foundation. Want this cool, warm, scarf and want to support the awesome, not for profit, OpenStreetMap Foundation? http://donate.osm.org/ Give CDN$2000.00 or more to the OpenStreetMap Foundation for the 2015 Hardware Funding Drive I'll send you the scarf*. Limit of one scarf, I guess. Want to donate more? Give CDN$5000.00 or more and then we can arrange to have me weave a custom scarf for you, perhaps of your local transit map.

ttc scarf on the runway

Lovely, isn't it? Perfect for staying warm with some hot, fresh, OpenStreetMap data, on a cold and wintry night.


The TTC map scarf is 100% acrylic, and approximately five feet long, excluding the fringe. It is about one foot wide.

* Do not send your donation to me, send it to the OpenStreetMap Foundation. Use the regular OpenStreetMap Foundation Donation link To get the scarf, follow these steps.

  1. Contact me to announce your intention, and confirm that the scarf is still available. Obviously you can give to the Foundation even if the scarf has been previously claimed.
  2. Make your donation.
  3. Contact me with the confirmation of your donation.
  4. Provide your shipping address.