OpenStreetMap Meeting MatchMaker

We know that OpenStreetMap has great data. Looking deeper, we know that the best data in OpenStreetMap is where there are more local contributors. If you want your city, state and country to have better data, you need more local mappers. Here are steps you can take to improve the quality and quantity of your local data by making mapping more fun for more mappers.

Courtyards! Multipolygon Relations in OpenStreetMap

A Courtyard is a building with a hole in it.

Or rather, it is the portion of the building that is constructed without a roof. This may combine the shelter and safety from the surroundings provided by the building walls, with the benefits of natural light and a clear view of the sky. What could be more romantic than a candlelit dinner with your favourite person, under the stars, in the courtyard?

But wait! Trouble in paradise. My building with a courtyard just looks like an ordinary building in OpenStreetMap! How do I fix that?

Open Pedometer - a step closer

Sync a FitBit Zip using Linux and galileo

I've used a FitBit pedometer, off and on, for a while. I'll use it for a while, because it's cool and Hey! Data!. But then I inevitably get steamed that FitBit is stealing my soul.

Every Day is Open Data Day

Don't let Open Data Day become a stunt. Every day is Open Data Day. Here is how you can make it so.

Government Open Data in Canada is Doomed Unless you Fight to Fix It

Municipalities, Provinces / Territories and the Feds, all seem to think that Open Data needs their individual governmental fingerprints all over it to be successful. Those governments have instead, poisoned the Canadian Open Data environment with a series of odious, mutually incompatible, custom written Open Data licenses.

I want to see it

The Large Hadron Collider, tagged for the renderer. Don't do this.

I want to see it. I want to see it on the map. That's why I map things. So I can see them on the map.

This is a feeling that is common among mappers, and a common and valuable motivation for excellent surveys and data collection. There is a caveat attached to this motivation though.

Happy ninth birthday, OpenStreetMap

fondant map, map cupcakes by Betsy

Another OpenStreetMap birthday celebration has come and gone. Another tableful of map-themed confections has been consumed, or spirited-off in doggy bags. More happy mappers have found their way home after another day of mapping and chatting. And all is right with the world.

Betsy raised the confection bar this year by rendering a Toronto neighbourhood in fondant and using that for toppers on mini-cupcakes. They were awesome. Thanks so much!

OSM Birthday Party 2013

OpenStreetMap themed cupcake toppers in fondant.

Mappers love treats. It is known.

The OpenStreetMap Ninth Birthday celebration is being held today at various locations around the globe. These are just a few of the treats waiting for the Toronto mappers.

Yes. This is a highway interchange diorama, in fondant. Yes, an OpenStreetMap logo. Yes. A highway shield for Autoroute 10 in Québec. Naturally. :-)

Mapper snacks

delicious snacks from Japan

OpenStreetMap contributor ikiya sent some delicious Japanese snacks for Toronto mappers to enjoy at a recent Mappy Hour. He also sent State of the Map sticker from SotM - Tokyo.

Thank you, ikiya!

Ikiya is a driving force in the Japanese OpenStreetMap community and has often posted photos of delicous Map Cakes at OpenStreetMap Birthday party celebrations. I've admired the artistry and cullinary skills he displays.

Putting Woods restaurant on the Map

Woods restaurant on on OpenStreetMap

Toronto restaurant-goers have a new reason to go out in the rain. Woods is open.

It isn't really, officially, open. They haven't had their Grand Opening yet. But Woods is soft open. The doors are open, the staff are welcoming and you can order a fine plate of food. I ordered a plate of food that turned out to be fine, indeed. I like a nice plate of food.

Toronto OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend

happy hackers at 2013 Toronto OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend

The Toronto OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend or, more formally, The Second Annual Canadian OpenStreetMap Developer Weekend, was held from Friday, 08 March to Sunday, 10 March 2013 at various venues. And it was wonderful.

The Toronto OpenStreetMap Hack Weekend is winding down. It has been three days of coding, outreach and socializing.


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